Chimney Rock Park

I woke up earlier than normal and decided to get breakfast and find Chimney Rock Park to do some hiking. It was beautiful out, but a little on the cold side. The last time I was at Chimney Rock they only had half of the trails open. I was really looking forward to doing the Cliff trail.

On my way to the park, I was experimenting with driving. All through the Blue Ridge Parkway I was able to coast along downward stretches of road. On Hwy 74A, it's a very long uphill climb to where the Eastern Continental Divide is posted. Once I hit the top of the climb, I threw Smurfette in neutral and watched the odometer. I managed to coast for 8.7 miles before having to put her back in gear! All said and done, I managed 38 mpg of a whole tank of mountain driving.

I got to Chimney Rock Park and was a little disappointed that there were more people this time (duh). Not much was different on the actual trail except for the waterfall. When I was there in December, there wasn't much of a falls. This time was beautiful. I sat down on a rock in the middle of the stream right before it drops 404 feet. With the sun shining and the water bubbling around me, it was easy to fall into a brief meditation. I wish I could have stayed there all day, but I had a 5 hour drive ahead of me to get to David's.

I hiked for about 3 hours and was completely worn out by the end of it. Unfortunately, the last leg of the last trail I did was about 8 flights of stairs back up to Chimney Rock itself. BOO!!
I dragged myself back to the car and proceeded to drive straight to Charleston. I got to David's at about 9pm and we sat up and talked for a while. His house looks AMAZING! He completely flipped it and the feel of the place is so great. Unfortunately, he had got some unpleasant news earlier in the day - but was happy to have me around, especially since I was knowledgeable on the medical issue he was diagnosed with.

Today I spent most of my time catching up on this blog and doing laundry. I found a grocery store and bought myself some lunch and then went out with some of David's friends when he got off work. It has been a very nice visit.


AshleySpatula said...

Beautiful falls, wish we had them here!

meghan said...

Hi there, I'm Meghan from Chimney Rock Park. We're glad you had a great time here at the Park. I wanted to let you know that we're holding a special memories campaign where we're asking our guests to share their memories, moments at the Park with us. We'd love for you to add yours at himneyrockpark.com. You may even wind up in our advertising!