LOST returned today after a 6 week hiatus. Liz and I had previously bonded by sending text messages during episodes of LOST this season. It was super awesome that I could actually watch the show with her. I ran a bunch of errands earlier in the day because I knew I was going to leave straight after LOST. While I was out, I caught this sign on a business. Yeah, I'm totally obsessed with the show. Everything reminds me of LOST.

I was in search of a Target because I was going through withdrawals from the store. I drove to this place called Green Acres Mall (which I later found out they refer to as "Black" Acres Mall - and is notorious for stabbings and shootings). I found a bunch of little stuff to give to Kaitlyn and Claire (who's birthdays are today and tomorrow). I also bought a thank you card for Liz and Claire's parents.

I got back to Liz's and she immediately told me that Kaitlyn wasn't busy and we were going to go grab a pizza and head to her house. On the way there we passed a gas station that shares my name! We got to Kaitlyn's and she has Rock Band. I am a total Rock Band (and Guitar Hero) virgin and had a dream about it recently so Liz decided it was time to deflower me. HOLY CRAP is that game fucking fun! Good thing I don't have a place to live or a TV because I would go out and spend the rest of my money on an Xbox and Rock Band. Don got some action shots of our band "Picking Scabs" but hasn't sent them to me yet. I'll post them when he does.

We were having so much fun that we lost track of time and then realized it was less than 20 minutes to 10. We totally had to haul ass to make the start of the show. Oh gawd how nerve-wracking! My brother called to make fun of us along the way. He kept saying "It's on!!" when we still had 2 minutes. Liz pulled into her driveway and we both ran up to the house and up the stairs to turn it on. Safe! I promised I wouldn't post any spoilers - so I'm sticking to that - but I just have to wonder why I still watch this show religiously... I mean every week it's a bigger WTF. gah.

We were able to have our quality LOST bonding time, and then I had to leave. I packed my stuff in the car and began the drive to Philly. The only thing I have to bitch about is the $10 toll on the Verrazano Bridge. JESUS! What on earth am I getting for that money? Entrance to Staten Island?? So not worth it.
The drive went so quickly. It felt like I was driving Milwaukee to Chicago. All of a sudden I came over a bridge and there was Philly. Wild. It's a good thing I have such a small car because otherwise I would not have had a place to park last night. Corinne met me outside and we unloaded my bike and important stuff into the house. She went up to bed, but came back down within a few minutes because she couldn't sleep. We sat up talking for quite a while. It's really good to see her. Their new house is gorgeous, and she can't get used to the fact that they own it. I think I would feel the same way. I don't believe I'll ever own anything!

So now you're caught up. Tomorrow I'm crashing my friend Emily's baby shower and then driving down to DC to see my friend Matt. Then hopefully to Richmond, Mount Airy, and Charleston in the following days. I should be in Florida by Thursday and I will make Saara watch LOST with me whether she wants to or not.
That's all from me. Hope everyone enjoys their day!

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Sarah said...

Dude! I'll be seeing you at the baby shower! :-)