Long Island

I drove last night until about 6am and stopped to take a nap at a rest stop. I woke up at 9:30 sweating my tits off because how warm and sunny it was. I got a hold of Troy's girlfriend and told her I was going to come to her house. She had a big hug and a hot shower waiting for me!

I took a brief nap, and then her friend Kaitlyn showed up with pizza and garlic knots (which were awesome!). We went to make spare keys for my car, and then to get Italian ice.

I'm already trying to figure out ways to stay in the area and save some money. Liz thinks she may be able to get me a job at FYE while I'm here. That would be super cool. I'm hurting for money and I haven't been able to get a hold of my friend in Florida to find out when the job there starts. So for now I guess I'll just hang out on Long Island.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting my friend Caitlin in the city, and then I'll wander around until she's done with work. If any of you are out and about in NYC, give me a call!

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