I Feel Awful!

I have been driving the Blue Ridge Parkway all day (from Roanoke, VA). I'm almost to Asheville, NC and I've been having a wonderful day. It's so beautiful, and the last 20 miles or so have been loaded with wildlife. I just took pictures of 6 deer all grazing on the side of the road.
Needless to say, I've been driving cautiously. Firstly because I'm on the crest of the mountain range, and secondly because I don't want to hit anything. I just came around a hairpin turn and a deer literally jumped onto the hood of my car. I saw it's head hit my windshield and I turned around to see it on the side of the road jerking, and then stumbling to get up. It managed to scramble across the road back to where it came from, but I could see it wasn't using one of it's hind legs. I just burst into tears. I had to pull off the road and let myself cry. I love animals so much and I can't bear to think that deer may suffer for so long because of my car. I feel terrible.
I just checked on my car... everything is alright. There are a couple more chunks of my rusted hood missing where the deer hit (and I had to clean up the spit and hair that he left on my windshield). My headlight casing is cracked, but otherwise fine. I know I'm super lucky because hitting a deer could easily kill both parties. This is why I drive carefully.

I know this sounds silly, but please say a little prayer for the deer so it doesn't have to suffer long.


motocrashal said...

Deer are way stronger than you think. A little scort won't kill em. It will live to get hit again, hopefully by a hungry hunter.

Trina said...

I've been super busy and having a hard time keeping up with your wanderings, but I had to come and say, I'm so sorry you hit a deer, that totally sucks. The one time I hit a deer, it was similar, I was driving extra carefully because it was dusk and I was going by an orchard where I knew deer hung out. And then this deer jumps practically onto the hood of my car, I had no time to react at all, and I felt so terrible. I'd never had adrenaline hit me like that, and I instantly had a crazy headache that made me feel like I'd just been hit by a car. I drove the rest of the way home before I started crying. :( Sucks. I'm saying a prayer, by the way, even though this happened a few days ago.