Smurfette's Diagnosis

I just got a call from Spring Street Service Center. They are going to replace both trailing arms because they are both in bad shape. He still had to drop the gas tank to see where the leak is coming from (because they couldn't tell from the hatch in the floor). At the moment, the total will be $560. That is less than a different car would cost.
However, I have $900 left. So if you've ever enjoyed my stories, now would be the time to donate! :)

[an hour later]
Well, after a number of phone calls, I found out the parts and labor aren't going to be quite as much. They looked up the wrong part and quoted me for a lateral trailing link. This is good news, as the actual parts are less than $100 each. However, they are still unsure of where the gas leak is coming from.

I bet this is the most you've ever read about a silly car. haha!
I'm done babbling about parts and labor and such. I'll find out Monday what it's going to cost, and when I can pick my baby up.
What I have learned from this ordeal:
It's much harder to get things fixed when my dad and brother aren't anywhere near.
I am capable of doing things for myself. (geez. You'd think I was 16...)

Besides the car issues, I found out from my friend Rebecca that I was in the Brazilian part of Framingham. This would be why I didn't recognize the language. I don't speak Portuguese! Still one of the more surreal moments in America to this day...

All else is well. Jen left for a mini vacation today. She will be gone until Tuesday. I will just be chilling here in Manchester without a car or friend. boo hoo! Good thing I have tons of reading to catch up on! Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Please, don't let me stop you!

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