Rain, Rain Go Away

I'm at a rest stop somewhere in Virginia. I really wanted to spend some time in the mountains again, but it's raining and foggy and nasty. I can't even see the mountains. Boo!!

Yesterday I drove through DC and took pictures from my car. That's about all I could be bothered to do. DC makes me so sad. The majority of the city is disgusting. It's similar to the north side of Milwaukee. Litter everywhere, boarded up and barred windows, homeless... it's quite sad. But the second you get into the proper downtown area things are gorgeous. Everything looks bold and proud.

I drove down to Alexandria to meet up with Matt and his friend Scott who were getting their hair cut by Debbie. I had never been to that old town area before and it was super cute. Debbie was really rad. Scott's hair turned out pretty cool - good thing too because he's doing a photo shoot for her and the salon today.
We went to O'Connells for dinner where we were served by an actual Irish man named Reece. I had fish n chips (which is strange because I don't like fish). But my body was craving the protein. It was quite good. Matt's dad was in town from Idaho and he met up with us. He was sweet and offered to help me get a job in DC doing computer work. If things don't work out in Florida, maybe!

I then get in the car to come to the Appalachians. I was having a sort of sad day and wanted to be by myself. It's hard to be surrounded by people constantly and talking about things over and over. It was nice to have some time by myself in the car. But now I want to be hiking or camping or something, but it's poopy! Oh well, can't always get what I want...

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motocrashal said...

but if you try, sometimes you find, you get what you need !