Advanced Planning

I'm sorta wacky. They announced the dates for 2009 SXSW festival in Austin, TX yesterday. I booked my hotel room right away. I've always wanted to go to SXSW. So I figured if I booked a room, I would have to save money and actually go this time, right? Ok. So I did. I tried to get into the Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown, but the whole place was already booked. Can you believe it!? So I'm at the Holiday Inn on the Lake and it's ridiculously expensive, but I've got 11 months to save.

Other than that, I haven't anything exciting to share. I spent yesterday in my pajamas watching tv with Liz's family (yay!). I'm going into the city tonight to see Eisley and The Envy Corps. I'm pretty excited because I just discovered The Envy Corps a couple weeks ago. Should be good times.

Maybe I will have an exciting story to tell you when I get back tonight. Until then, the most exciting thing I have to say is that LOST is on in 34 hours and I had a dream about Dominic Monaghan (Charlie). Oh yeah, and I tried on the shoes I want at Aldo again - this time I snapped a pic in the mirror.

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Brandon Botha said...

mmm, nice shoes ;-)