Nothing of Importance

Hello there.
Thought I would post a quick update. It's been quiet in Vegaland. Jen got home very late Monday night. It was good to have another human in the apartment. I was starting to have serious conversations with the cat...

My mom forwarded me my mail, and Beth had sent me a promo copy of the new MUSE cd/dvd. YUMMY!!! I love Matt Bellamy so much. mmmmmm.... Thanks Beth! I had bought the limited edition copy, but they only released 1000 of them in the US so I didn't open it. I was finally able to see that beautiful video when I got the second copy.

Uh, what else? It's nearly 65 degrees out today. And I apparently am allergic to something in New England in the springtime. boo!!

I'm still waiting on my car. They think they found the leak in the gas tank, but had to spray it down and let it dry overnight because the area is so rusted and they didn't want to ruin anything (good, cuz a new gas tank is $500 and I don't have that). I'm getting really antsy. I want my Smurfette back so I can get back on the road!!

Other than that, Jen and I went shopping yesterday. I got a really rad shirt for $2.97 at JC Penny. There's no sales tax in NH which makes it even cooler. Oh yeah, and I fell in love with a pair of shoes at Aldo. I don't know why, because I never wear heels... but they are gorgeous. (I like the red ones - even though I'm eating the pink ones in this picture.)
So if you happen to have $110 lying around and want me to have some sexy ass shoes, you know where to go to find them!

Hope you have a wonderful, sunny day!

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Aaron said...

Glad to hear Smurfette is on the mend:) Shoes are to women what gadgets are to men. Seriously, all men are geeks. I sometimes go into best buy and want to chew on stuff.
All shiny like candy. hehe!

I hope you are doing awesome and having fun!