Never on Time

I had bought a ticket to see a band at the Highline Ballroom in NYC on Wednesday. Eisley was the headliner, and there were 3 opening bands - The Myriad, Vedera, and The Envy Corps. I was super excited because I just got discovered the Envy Corps a couple weeks ago. They were supposed to be the first openers. The doors were at 6 and show was set for 7. I didn't want to spend much time wandering around the city beforehand because I have so little money, so I kept putting off the time to catch the train. Finally I asked Liz if she could give me a ride to catch the 5:05. As we were pulling up to the station, I realized I had forgotten my phone. I was supposed to meet up with Caitlin, so I needed to have it. We went back to get the phone and I said I would just catch the next train. They run every half hour from Merrick - Except for the hour between 5 and 6.

I sat down on the platform and started to cry. I was so frustrated with myself. I can never remember anything. My phone, my keys...whatever. So the next train was at 6:05, which would put me in the city at 6:50 - then I would have to take the A train down to 14th and 8th and then walk to 16th and 10th. There was no way I was going to make it to see the first band. I was SOOO frustrated. I called Shana and James and they helped me to not beat myself up (for spending $40 on a ticket to not see the band I wanted to see)... I got on the train and decided to watch some MUSE videos on my iPod to make me feel a little better. It helped.

Everything went smoothly as far as transferring and walking, and I got into the Highline Ballroom to see a band performing that was not the Envy Corps. It was only quarter past 7 so I knew I didn't miss them. The first band was called Vedera. They were from Kansas City. The girl had this amazingly angelic voice and she looked like a pixie - very small, cute features. They very pleasant to listen to. I grabbed the free cd sampler from their merch table after they finished, and while I was there, I asked when The Envy Corps were supposed to play. The guy working merch said "ahhh... they had to drop out of the tour in DC because their label is in the UK and the cd just came out there so they had to do a tour in England." FUCK. Everywhere still had the band listed - Time Out, the Highline Ballroom website, the ticket... I got all crazy and beat myself up for being late to see a band that wasn't there. BOO!!

So anyway, I decided to enjoy myself. The Myriad were slated to play next. The band climbed onstage and first lit half a dozen sticks of incense. A mysterious intro began rumbling through the bass and keys and exploded into a massive all-encompassing sound. I actually stepped forward from the wall and went to stand closer to the stage (which is unusual for me). The bass continued to vibrate throughout my body, pounding out every note like it was a part of me - melting into the music itself. The dark and beautiful atmospheric sound is reminiscent of Hope of the States, Martin Grech, Pure Reason Revolution, some of Radiohead's more abstract stuff and Mew. It was a complete musical journey that left me engrossed in the sounds, unaware of the time and space around me. That's a magical moment when I feel spiritually connected to the creative energy at hand. Amazing.

I left shortly after Eisley started. Caitlin had texted me and said she wouldn't make it to the show before they were finished so I should just meet her at the Good Times Diner not far from where I was at. I got to the restaurant and saw a few of my new friends. It was nice to say hello and hang out for a little bit. I then went and grabbed a slice of pizza (the diner is really expensive) and made my way back to Penn Station to get the train to Merrick. It was such a beautiful night out. The breeze was warm and comforting. I didn't mind the walk back to Liz's house because it was so gorgeous. I wish it were like that all the time.

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