Ready to Go

Tonight is my last night in Manchester, NH. Jen and I woke up earlier (for me) than normal to drive down to Connecticut to retrieve Smurfette. She's all better! She has some really pretty and shiny new parts, and amazingly I drove back from Windsor Locks using only a quarter tank of gas (which means my gas leak was really sucking the mileage out of my car).

I'm so very happy to have her back. I got back to Jen's house and packed everything up and started to load the car. It took a while because I was being meticulous about placement. But everything fits lovely.

It was such a beautiful day out today. I drove back with the windows down the entire way. This sort of worries me, however, because I easily forget that I will be bypassing spring and jumping directly into blazing summer by continuing on to Florida. My car doesn't have air conditioning, and I really think this is going to be a major issue in Florida. We shall see. Either way, it was amazing to be outside in the weather today. It made packing up the car almost enjoyable.

My friend Lee picked me up and we went to Margaritas for Mexican food. It was really good (and our waitress was super rad). It was sort of sad to say bye to Lee. As much as I dislike Manchester, I've grown really comfortable here in the last month. And he has been a really cool person to meet and get to know. It's nice to be able to connect with someone on a real level when you are wandering around. I know it's not totally goodbye, as I always find my way back to people that I connect with somehow or another. I mean, I just popped back into Jen's life after 5 1/2 years.

Either way, I'm excited to be headed out and looking forward to new adventures. Tomorrow I will go to Rhode Island and whittle that list of states that I haven't been to down to 3. Oh yeah!

Oh, and this is a picture of the Basketball Hall of Fame. I figured James and Jenni (and a few others) might appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see you go, but I know that it's time to share you with the world and let you get back to your travels :) Safe travels, V!

Trina said...

Hooray for Smurfette! I feel your pain with the lack of air conditioning. The summer I moved to Wisconsin (1995), my mom and I drove my 1988 Nissan Sentra from Portland to Milwaukee in some god-awful heat. I remember wearing this light, sleeveless cotton dress and nothing else, and feeling the sweat drip down my back all day.

Safe and happy travels!