Fast Forward

Alright. Last Saturday I arrived back in Manchester with the full intention of heading to Philadelphia Tuesday. I did a whole lot of nothing on Sunday.

Monday, however, was full of randomness.
I have become one of those creepy Craiglist people. Well, maybe not creepy, but I have been depending on CL for my social needs as of late. I did meet a very cool kid (who shares my musical interests - he now has half of my mp3 collection). I also made the most random friend.
He calls himself Z.
Sunday night he gave me coordinates and told me to meet him at that location at 17:30 the following day; requesting that I bring my digital camera and a mixtape. Well, I completely forgot about the mixtape (what can I say, my short term memory isn't what it used to be).
I drove to Border's in Nashua. Why? Because I had nothing better to do. I had no idea who I was to look for, so I went in and browsed the music section. I then realized I forgot the mixtape and decided I would just leave. As I got out to the parking lot, a young man pulled up in a shiny black car. He asked if I had my camera and then said that his plan was to go into the furniture store across the way, and I could take pictures of him with different settings. Random!

We left the store, and he turned to me and said "Now what?" I had planned on going to see Jack Kerouac's grave before it got dark. I guess Z thought that was an invite and asked who's car we were taking. Smurfette needed to be there, and I insisted - letting him know that he could follow if he would feel more comfortable that way. He climbed awkwardly into my kitchen/half bath (otherwise known as the passenger seat). Found the site easily enough. There was a giant elk on one of the headstones that was interesting enough to snap a pic of. (What was going through that dude's mind?? "I want a big fuck off elk marking where my dead body will lay!")

Anyway, it was a totally random encounter.
I got back into Manchester without being murdered, and Jen asked me to come out with a friend of hers for his birthday. We ended up at the Red Arrow Diner. Apparently this is one of the "Top 10 Diners" in the country. How they choose these 10, I'm not quite sure. But Adam Sandler happens to be a regular. Jen treated me to a brownie cream pie (which was too rich to finish) and bought me a travel mug. awww. There was a couple there for a first date who met on Craigslist. It was just one of those random days.

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