Friday, April 4

Alright, I'm going to make an effort to hurry up and bring everything up to date in one go...

Why I love New York:
#476. San Remo Pizza on Cortelyou Ave in Brooklyn
Complete with super adorable wrinkly couple dressed in flatcap and big old lady glasses; 2 cops joking around with the cooks; awesome pizza. Check it out.

#238. Union Square subway station. Crazy dude playing "Baby One More Time" on the electric freaking violin. Yeah.

#43. Hotel Chelsea.

#892. Mariachi band walking onto the 'R' train. Actually got applause from people in the car.

#113. Being told by the Strawberry manager that their phones were broken (when I asked if they could call a different store to find a dress I wanted to buy). Gotta love that attitude. I would get fired for telling a customer that - well, if I had a job.

#221. Old school Reebok's making a comeback in badass pastel colors.

#58. Lions in the architecture as you come into the city on the Manhattan Bridge!

#633. Rebuilding on the WTC site. "Freedom Tower" Not sure I really care for this concept, however it is nice to see the city moving forward.

For those of you in Wisconsin eating the gas prices, New York City is $3.39 a gallon. I know you're paying more than that, and it's totally unfair!
Speaking of Wisconsin, as I boarded the wonderful Fung Wah bus to Boston, I saw a kid with a Milwaukee Brewers hat. Oh, home. *sighs*

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