Yesterday was so good. Corinne and I went to Emily's baby shower. I had never been to one. It was very surreal to see Emily with belly. Not to mention with HUGE boobs :)
The coolest thing was that I got to see all of my old Philly friends. It's so amazing that they are all still around and still friends. For a second it felt like I was transported back to 2002 or so.
The food was yummy (that's about as much of a 'restaurant review' I'm going to give, Em). And in the game "my water broke" I won a little purse (that has lions on it!!).

Corinne and I left because she had to work and I had to pack up my car. On the way out, I jumped out of the car to pick some lilacs. I *love* the way they smell. I put them in my car to give it a more pleasant odor (you can imagine how it starts to smell crowded in there when it heats up). We got back and I took a quick nap before loading up and hitting the road.

On the way down to DC, I stopped at a rest area to get something to eat. There was a salad bar so I was able to buy a big bowl of veggies!! I swear this was the most populated rest stop I've ever been to. It was like trying to walk around Oxford Street during the Christmas season. Seriously. The weirdest part was that they had fresh flowers in the bathroom. hmmm...

I got to Matt's place around 11pm and he had a party going on (or rather his roommates had a party going on?). It was quite funny listening to some of the drunk girls (corn cob). I met some of his cool non-drinking friends and we pretty much stuck to his room reading the Guide to Getting it On and talking shit. Everyone left and then Matt and I played catch up until about 4am.

All said and done, it was a fantastic day.

PS. Thanks for the donations! Especially any anonymous ones. You have no idea how gas prices are killing me!

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