The Woes of Moving

Yesterday Melanie and I signed our lease! I'm really excited about having a place again (that's a picture of our front door with Christina). Unfortunately, because I sold everything I now need to buy stuff. This puts me in a pretty uncomfortable place. I had to have Smurfette towed again yesterday. She's not even able to drive around the block without dying. I don't know what's wrong. But apparently "Bruce Lee" is the best and he will fix it for cheap. But cheap is still money. And I basically just need to fix her to get her back up to Wisconsin one more time to park at my dad's (so he can use the parts)... Which means I need a new car as well. Preferably with air conditioning. I found a 2000 Escort ZX2 for $2300, but that's money I haven't got. BOO!

Forgive me for vomiting my voes all over the interwebs, but I just need to put them out there and voice that I'm afraid... So I changed my car insurance this week (because Florida has different requirements for insurance than Wisconsin). My coverage back home was $178 every six months. Yes, that's just $30 a month. And it wasn't just liability. So the equivalent coverage in Florida costs $719 every six months!!!! WTF!?!?! I had to drop down to just $20,000 in liability and the required Personal Injury coverage, and still every six months I will be paying $287. That's nearly twice as much for a quarter of the coverage. BOO!
I also need to register my car here. But I'm going to wait on that because I don't think I'll have Smurfette much longer.

I need $200 to cancel my Verizon air card service (since Melanie is getting internet for the house). That's going to save me a butt load of money in the long run because it's worked out to $73 a month after taxes and crap.

So besides the car and the internet, I need to buy a bed. I've got nothing to sleep on. I've got sheets and a blanket for a full size bed, but no full size bed. I found a cheap working TV yesterday at Salvation Army which is cool. But no bed. I could also use a dresser and some shelves. I would drive around to garage sales and check the curbs if I had a car to drive around in! lol

Oh yeah, the other reason I need to come home besides bringing Smurfette to my dad is to pick up the rest of my stuff (my remaining Cds & DVDs, DVD player, journals and keepsake items). I also have a freaking kick ass toaster that I left with James.

SOOOOOOO.... If any of you have any ideas on how I can accomplish this nearly impossible feat, I'm open to suggestions. If you know of anyone in Florida that has a bed to offer me for cheap, or simple furniture, let me know. Maybe you know of a cheap car, or some place that will finance a loan for me to buy a cheap car. Anything. In turn, I can offer you a place to crash any time you want to take a vacation in sunny Florida (the lease is for 15 months, so I'll be here a while).
Awaiting your suggestions!!

PS. Just so you don't think I'm whining and moaning all the time, I really like it here. Really. I'm not lying. I wouldn't have signed a 15 month lease if I didn't. And if I get that job at the record store, I will be the most satisfied person on the planet.
Also I'm super grateful for Melanie. I wouldn't have anywhere to live if it weren't for her. She's so generous. Thanks Mel!

UPDATE: I just found a full size mattress, box spring and frame on craiglist for $75. They will deliver it to my apartment for free. :)

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