Send Good Thoughts!

Tuesday at 1pm EST, I have an interview at Vinyl Fever - an independent record store in Tampa. When I came down to visit Florida in December I stumbled upon this place and told Danelle that if I lived in Tampa I would want to work there. So now I live in Tampa, and I may have the opportunity I hoped for.

PLEASE send good thoughts my way! I remember telling a few people along the way on my journey that all I needed to be happy was a job in a record store. I applied at stores in New Hampshire, New York City and would have in Oceanside, but no luck. I would be incredibly grateful to get this job. So keep your fingers crossed for me!
(I would still be doing the freelance work on the side, which is what it's meant to be in the first place - not sole means of support.)

I will let everyone know as soon as I know the outcome.

Oh yeah, and I get Smurfette back tuesday morning (after dropping another $300). I will be coming back to Milwaukee after I move into my new place this weekend. Need to pack up the rest of my stuff!

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