Settling In

I got to Tampa at 9pm on Saturday. Melanie helped me unload my car and drag my stuff into my new temporary bedroom. We sat up and talked about tons of things for quite a while. It is really good to see her and to have a friend that I've known for years around.

Woke up late on Sunday and half-planned my day. We went to Target. I have absolutely nothing to wear in the godawful Florida weather. I spent $125 on light clothing - a skirt, sundress, sandals and some tanks - clothing that I would usually scoff at in Wisconsin. Can you actually see me in a sundress??? Well, to be fair, it is black. :)

I will be sending the heavy t-shirts and winter clothes back to Wisconsin. I wish I had things worth selling. I really need the money now. Good thing I start work on Wednesday!

Later in the evening I cooked for Melanie and Amanda. It was so awesome to have fresh veggies again. I made red peppers and zucchini, broccoli and carrots... chili lime chicken and rice. There were two problems. The first was that there were only pots, no pans. Cooking chicken and stir frying vegetables doesn't work so well in pots. The second is that Melanie's parents don't cook, so the stove never gets used. I put the rice on the back burner, and it started smoking immediately. I waved the smoke away and thought it was probably something left on the burner from ages ago. After a while, I realized the smoke was getting worse. Amanda and I pulled the pot from the stove and saw that the entire bottom of the pot had been burning. I still don't quite understand how this happened. The pot itself had turned black on the bottom (outside!) and the rice was stuck to it - even though there was still some water left. hmmm...
Amanda, the trouper that she is, went out and got some minute rice and we settled for that.

Today I went to see Danelle and Jacek and little Adam. He is so big since I saw him in December. Danelle tells him I'm Auntie Vega. How funny. He laughed when I stuck my tongue out at him covered in the chocolate cookie that Danelle gave me. I bought him some Cookie Monster socks when I was at Target. I am determined to start his obsession with cool socks early. :)

I also spent some time finding a Forever 21 and Old Navy store so I could finish my new southern wardrobe. I was unsuccessful in my endeavors. Actually, I found another cute sundress - this one's not black. But I have been unable to find suitable shorts. That's the worst part is having to wear jeans and getting sweaty and them sticking to my legs. Yuck. I don't know where to find shorts. I won't wear those stupid girly short shorts. I like them to be knee length. Skater shorts, but not so baggy. It's impossible.

I'm pretty nervous about starting work on Wednesday. Keep me in your thoughts so I don't screw up!

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Aaron said...

I am glad you made it and are safe:)
Good luck on Wednesday!

Trina said...

Good luck Wednesday! I share your troubles with shorts. I have only been able to find either short shorts or capri pants for women, for the past couple or more years. I have no shorts that fit me anymore because of this. When you find the place that sells our kind of shorts, let me know!