Day 60

Well, it appears my traveling adventures will be put on hold for a bit. Melanie and I got an apartment in South Tampa today. We are able to move in on May 23rd. Shocking? Yes. But not really. My car died again. I have no money left. No matter where in the country I could be, I would have to stay and work a while to save up for another leg of my journey (and pay off my father, as well as fix my car (or buy a new one)). So Tampa is as good a place as any.

Thankfully I'm feeling comfortable here. I've made some friends. It's great to be with Mel, and Danelle is not far away. The job will pick up in a little bit, and until that happens I will just put in applications for retail work to fill my time.

Email me if you would like the new address... I'm not going to make that public since it's not just me that will be living there :)

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