Night Driving

How did I let so much time pass without blogging??
Wow, I've been really busy. It's nice to have things to do again! Thursday and Friday I worked again. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting more work now that they know how diligently I get things done. Melanie told me not to worry about it either way, and that I should just stick around here. She promised not to let me go hungry.

Thursday night I went on the first date I've had in 6 years. Pretty random. I really don't know how to date. It sucks to have to learn at 28 years old. I have a problem with discretion. I tend to vomit my life story on the table and wait for people to either run away screaming, or say it's not all that bad and they can handle my neuroses. Yeah. Not such a good idea. Holding my tongue is hard to do when you are impatient. I want to speed things up and already know someone without the time it actually takes to get to know them. This is something I've always had a problem with (think back to how you met me - I bet we were instant friends)...
So yeah, date was alright. But of course I haven't heard from him again. It's alright. I wasn't super interested. He would make a cool friend, though. He reminded me of my friend Gus back home.

Friday night I had an amazing time with Amanda and Christina. They are my two new BFFs. Christina is obsessed with music like I am. Amanda will listen to anything we tell her to. hehe. Friday night we were bonding by talking about boys and relationships and our growing pains and then Christina went to drop me off at home when Radiohead's "Lucky" came on her mix cd. We all sat in the driveway with the music blaring and singing. I mentioned that driving around at night listening to music was my favorite thing to do, and both of them said the same. So we decided to drive. They took me down Bay Shore (which is apparently the world's longest sidewalk) and out to Davis Island. We got to the end and I really needed to pee. I was prepared to just pee in the road, but magically at the end of the road outside the yacht club at the tip of Davis Island a port-o-potty appeared! "Super Sweet!" is what Christina called it. So I used the scary plastic toilet in the dark in Florida where god-knows-what is crawling around everywhere (let me tell you about the bugs I've seen already *shivers with the creeps*)...

We drove back and although I was exhausted, I stayed up until 4am making a mix cd to drive around to. I set my alarm for 11:30am to do it all again. C and A came to pick me up at noon and we went thrift store shopping. Found a Roxy belt for $0.99 which was pretty cool. But otherwise I was not much in the mood for clothes shopping.
We came back and Mel had planned a little dinner party. Nicole cooked this amazing chicken and rice dinner and a few other people that I hadn't met before joined us. We really didn't do much yesterday, but somehow we ended up hanging out until 4am. I like my new friends :)
It's nice to find people to relate to right away in this strange place. I now am going to get showered and do it all again. It's sort of a bittersweet day for all three of us. None of us can be with our mothers, for all different circumstances. But we hope they all know they are in our hearts.

Thanks for reading!

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