Vinyl Fever and Other Things

I am the newest employee of the record store called Vinyl Fever here in Tampa. Super sweet. I start June 2nd (so I have time to come back to Wisconsin and get my stuff). I'm way excited - it looks like I will be moving up quite quickly there as well. He told me he was going to make me a keyholder right away.

Other than that, I got Smurfette back yesterday. It was a pretty rough day aside from the interview going well and getting my car back. I was starting to question if I did the right thing by signing a lease and being in Florida. I felt pretty out of place and lonely. A few things happened that made me really miss my friends. It would be much easier to deal with certain heavy issues with my loved ones closer. Anyhow, everything seemed to work itself out by the time my head hit the pillow.

I decided to go for a drive last night. I wandered around Tampa for a while, getting my bearings. Then I decided to cross the bay. I drove around St Pete and headed up to Clearwater. Clearwater totally creeped me out and I laughed out loud when I drove by the Ft Harrison Hotel. I'm pretty sure the Scientologists heard me and have recorded my license plate number to make sure I stay in line and not cause any disturbances in the media. There really are cameras everywhere.

I went out to Sand Key and parked my car on the side of the road to run to the coast and spit in the Gulf for my dad. He always asks me to spit into or off of famous landmarks and natural wonders. Then I drove to Clearwater Beach. Someone told me I had to touch the sand there (even thought I LOATHE sand) just because it is so different. Let me tell you, I hate regular sand, but this stuff - OMG - I wanted to tear my skin off. I couldn't get the feeling of the sand off my fingers!!! It was a terrible nightmare! It felt a lot like powdered sugar, except when I tried to brush the sand off, it didn't have enough texture to actually brush off. Again, just like powdered sugar or flour, it just got rubbed around on my fingers. Oh I'm totally cringing thinking about it right now. I HATE SAND! It's really too bad I have such bad OCD when it comes to texture because I absolutely love the water. I love the ocean and lakes and really any large body of water, but dammit I can't handle the sand. That's why I loved Brighton Beach so much in England - it was all smooth stone.

So besides my sand reaction, last night was pleasant. Driving over the bay is so much fun. I just love being surrounded by all the water. I think I've got a better idea of what's around now that I've got Smurfette again. I found a Super Target and got some stuff for the new place... I'm really excited to move in tomorrow. What's really cool is that I get to reinvent my space. I have nothing. So I've been buying furniture for cheap off of Craigslist. I found a rad computer desk, a dresser, TV stand and DVD/CD rack. I have just resigned myself to the fact that I will have to take a cash advance on my credit card to pay for stuff like my car and bed, not to mention simple things like a shower curtain and towels (yeah, I got rid of EVERYTHING).

I am still in need of a cheap car, but I will be able to drive Smurfette up to Wisconsin and back so I really have to find it down here. That being said, I will be heading out Saturday night to come home. I plan on staying for the LOST season finale (so I can watch it with Shana) and then possibly leave after Friday night. I need to take my time driving back so I don't tire my car out, and I start work on June 2nd. I was hoping to make it to Rebecca's ordination, but I don't think I will make it back to Tampa in time for work if I drive up to Stevens Point. I hope she knows that I will be there in heart and spirit no matter what.

Thanks for reading, and hope you all have a great day!

PS I saw this the other day in a bathroom at a Thai restaurant. I'm pretty sure only my dad and Kevin Gille will appreciate the photo...

Feel free to help me out with gas money to get to Wisconsin and back!!

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motocrashal said...

It's a nice feeling to know someone you love is thinking about you :)