Apparently I've lost count of the days somewhere along the line. Today is day 15, yesterday was day 14. Hmmm.... I give up!

Yesterday was not a very good day for a bunch of us. The toilet saga continued. The maintenance guy came over at 8 and realized that we needed a new toilet. Jen stayed home from work to let him in and out all day. We both kept falling back to sleep, but it wasn't ever long enough to be satisfied before he came pounding on the door again. booo!!! He got the new toilet in, and then the source pipe started leaking. He was like "oh no. This is a huge problem. These pipes are so old, they could break." So he turned off the water to the whole building (as I had a handful of peeled, sticky orange in my hand - ick!)
So now we don't have a toilet, or water. This is totally gross, but I hadn't showered all week. I was supposed to go out and turn in applications. Guess not! I used my precious Fiji water to brush my teeth and then decided to get out of Jen's way. She was having a time dealing with the whole ordeal, and I was starting to take it personally.

Anyway, I met this cool kid named Lee and we went and got some food. He and I have a lot in common, I think. It was unfortunate that I wasn't exactly in the mood to be a conversationalist. After I left Jen's I realized that I was completely dependent on just one person for all my social needs. Then I felt very homesick. I miss everyone so much. meh.

So after we got food, I went to Best Buy to exchange Jen's "My So-Called Life" DVD (it was scratched and didn't play). I went to the only CD shop in the area and asked if they had any openings - of course not. I went into another pet store (not to look at rats) hoping they had a bathroom. Jenni called me while I was there and I was melting over the chinchillas... She said I should just work for a no-kill animal shelter so I can pretend I own all the animals.

I got back to Jen's where the water was back on, and the toilet was fixed. She suggested we go see a movie so we could forget about the crappy day. So we went to see Vantage Point.
Oh.My.God. Screw Chuck Norris, give me Dennis Quaid! He's invincible in this movie!! hahaha. We were laughing hysterically at the fact that he took a bullet, a bomb, 3 or 4 car accidents, being t-boned by a semi-truck, running a 5k marathon, getting shot again - all for the president ("Mr. President, I've got you"). Jen wants to make a suit out of Dennis Quaid since his skin is tougher then Kevlar. And poor Forest Whittaker! He hauls his big self all over the place (after surviving a bomb) trying to "help the cops," throws himself in front of a bus to save a little girl - only to have the mother walk away from him. haha! It was entertaining.

I think I might drive down to Boston today and find Wagamama's. I was completely mistaken when I thought there were more of them in this country. Apparently there are only 2 Wagamama's in the US - one in Harvard Square, the other in Cambridge. Good thing I'm so close to both! I'm assuming you don't know what Wagamama's is, so I'll tell you: It's a cafeteria style oriental noodle bar that is extremely popular in the UK. It was one of my favorite restaurants to go to when I lived there. Every time I find myself back in the UK, I make sure I visit Waga's. So I'm looking forward to this. Other than that, I don't really have plans. Hope you are all well!

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mlhinterberg said...

Interesting trip so far Vega! I know you haven't heard from me in over 10 years, so I thought I would at least say hi. I got an update on you through the facebook and decided to check out your blog. Why the long trip? Just to see the states you haven't been to before? Who is James? I know, I don't know any of this, but I need the info to be able to really get into the blog...it is like an addicting tv show! hehehe! I am proud of you for going out on your own on a trip like this, I don't think I could ever do it, and to see all those amazing things! WOW! Impressive! Enjoy your trip and I will keep checking in with you along the way. I don't know many people up north, but if you decide to go more west I might be able to give you a few places to stay!