Day 5 - Niagara Falls

Today I walked to Canada.

I was highly displeased with the view of the falls from the US side, and did not want to spend hours trying to get back into the country (as Collin noted, my car does look like a stoner's car - not to mention it's packed with everything I own). The walk was unpleasant, only because it was 29 degrees out (and I have no coat).

Once on the other side, I was very glad many different people suggested that I go to the Canadian bank to view the falls. If it had been a bit warmer, I imagine I would have thought the view breathtaking. Being that it was arse cold, I was less enchanted - but I was also less crowded. I can just picture a sunny and warm day at Niagara Falls - crawling with people; obnoxious tourists with cameras (because I'm never a tourist). How it was, I parked in a parking structure on the 4th floor and was the only car on that level. There weren't any cars on levels 2, or 3 either but I wanted to distance myself from any trouble. ha!

The duty free people wouldn't let me purchase just postcards and a snow globe because I was on foot. She said I had to make a purchase of over $10 because someone needed to escort me to the border. WTF? So I had to find a gift shop (so few to choose from) to buy my taxed postcards. meh.
The strangest thing about going back: The footbridge has a toll. Canadians don't charge anything to get into Canada. But to walk into the US you must pay $.50! I was embarrassed for my country by that fee. I've never had to pay to get into any other country. I mean, yeah I've paid for train tickets and buses and such - but on foot?? shame.
The walk back over the bridge was much [Adelia] easier than the walk to Canada. I don't know if it was because the wind was at my back or what. I stopped in the middle of the bridge to spit onto the frozen river below (since my dad requested that I spit into Niagara Falls for him). I bet that's what the 50 cent charge was for...

At the border, the customs officer that let me back in had a name tag that said "VEGA" and of course I had to comment. He asked if I was named after the star. So few people actually ask that. It's usually "that was a shitty car" or "like Suzanne Vega? are you related to her?" or sometimes "wicked Street Fighter character." Anyhow, it made me smile. I made my way back to my car and tried to thaw out my fingers. My opinion of Niagara?? ..meh.. I'm glad I saw it, but I don't think it would have killed me to not see it.

I only made a short drive to the hotel that I booked this afternoon. I'm at a Holiday Inn in Batavia, NY. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have a hot shower after the cold 24 hours I've had. mmmmmmm....
I was able to do my laundry at the hotel. Unfortunately the automatic shutoff on the dryer was broken so when I put my clothes in at 8:30 and then watched LOST (which ended at 10, and successfully distracted me from laundry), and then spoke to Addie and Kelsa on the phone - it was 11pm before I realized I forgot about my clothing. The dryer was still going. My favorite hoodie is now too small to wear, as are most of my shirts. Bummer 'cause most of my stuff has been too tight lately due to my slowly expanding waistline. BOO!!! At least I have clean underwear now.

I also made a stop at the only store in the area - a ginormous Wal-mart. I absolutely abhor Wal-mart. However, I was hungry. That is Batavia's grocery store. I bought a salad from Wal-mart. How strange is that? I also bought a box of Good Earth tea. Collin and Kathleen turned me onto this stuff - if you haven't had it, go try it!! It comes in both decaffeinated and fully jacked-up forms. The brand is called Good Earth and the box just says "Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea." It's rad and I'm definitely hooked.

That's about all from me. I'm feeling lonely at the moment, so send some thoughts my way. Don't really know where I'm going next because the friend I was going to see in New Hampshire is out of town till Monday. We shall see what the universe suggests in the morning (or rather the early afternoon - three cheers for the Priority Club and late checkouts)!


Miyoko said...

Im lonely too and i miss you but I love your blog.

Trina said...

I love your blog too, Vega! And what'd you think of Lost tonight? I liked the Michael back story. Finally!

motocrashal said...

fifty cents? I figure we're worth at least a buck! Thanks for the spit,did ya make a wish?