Day 10 - Manchester

I had an awesome day. I spent the day on Jen's futon. I played on the internet. I read. I lounged. I got some loving from her kitty Gabby. I didn't get out of my pajamas until Jen got home from work and suggested we go to Cracker Barrel.

She introduced me to a couple of her friends, who were super cool. We had a really fun time at Cracker Barrel. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. I checked out a couple job listings here. I think I might stay for a couple weeks and see if I can earn some cash. It will be easy enough to visit friends in NYC. $10 bus ride to Boston, $15 bus ride to NYC from there. It would cost me more in gas and tolls to drive (and then parking!). We'll see... if I'm supposed to stay, a job will come up.

I guess I don't really have any exciting news. It just feels so good to be around someone I know.
Oh yeah, comments...
Sorry, Katherine, I wasn't able to stop in Bennington. However, while I was driving around in Vermont I did think about you. I wondered where you went to school. For some reason I always assumed it was in Burlington - and I wasn't heading that far north. Oh well.
Thank you for that clarification on NH's state motto, Laura. haha! I remember hearing that before, but I never really paid attention to historical facts like that. But if you want to know the phone model that Jack used in the flash forward of the season 3 finale of LOST, just ask. It's those kind of stupid things that I remember...
Yes, I do hurt! I was actually quite surprised that my left buttock is abnormally stressed. The only thing I can attribute that to is holding the clutch in. My back is sore as well. I think that's more from sleeping in my car than anything. I will remember the free back massage when I finally make it to the west coast!! I'm actually hoping to make it to this amazing Chinese massage place on the upper west side in NYC. Super cheap, and super fantastic!
And if anyone was wondering, the picture in the last post was of Gabby (Jen's cat) jumping up on my shoulder and wrapping herself around my neck. Apparently she likes me.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

WHAT? To busy to leave an update on Wednesday?

Trina said...

Yeah, I think your left glutes are sore from the clutch. I have the same problem when I go on road trips. Stretching is good. :)

My folks were in town all weekend so I'm getting caught up now on your latest adventures.