Day 4 - Akron, OH

Last night I slept in my car. I drove through to Ohio (where they have very nice rest stops) and parked. It was 5am when I stopped. The most obnoxious part about sleeping in my car is trying to move things around to get in the back. But apparently it's quite comfortable, as I didn't wake up until 12:30 this afternoon!

I wasn't planning on this sudden snowstorm. I don't think anyone else in Ohio was either. Every stop I made, I overheard people bitching about how it was forecast to be 45 degrees and rainy, not snowy. I threw away my ice scraper before I left (which made life a little interesting this afternoon). I also left my coat at my mother's house. Fun!

I really haven't done much of anything today. The weather is so shitty - and weather.com advises people to not drive along I-90 from Cleveland to Syracuse overnight. WTF? That's exactly the way I need to go to get to Niagara. Oh well.

So I did my business in Akron. This place is a strange juxtaposition between the "have not" and the "have too much" (thanks James). One minute I am driving along a cobblestone road lined with majestic brick houses and sloping lawns, and the next I going past boarded up shacks. Very weird.

I met a girl tonight that gave me a My Little Pony sticker. That was nice.
Other than that, the most amusing part of my day was actually at 3am. Apparently in Indiana, Michael Jordan is equally as popular as Jesus Christ - enough so that they sell dog tags with their images in gas stations. Enjoy the pic!

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allison said...

o my god thats halarious! ps im now reading your blogs and im super excited to see what developes along your journey. i also want to know how to send you things- is it only over email or can you get actual packages?
best luck!!