Days 11 & 12

Apparently less happens in Manchester than Milwaukee. haha!
I made a list of things to do yesterday, and I only got one thing done. Lame!
James called me in the early afternoon to relay some sad news. One of our friends passed away yesterday morning of lung cancer. I ask you to keep my friend Kevin in your prayers, as I'm sure this is difficult for him. Steve was an amazing person and he will be sorely missed, however I am positive he is no longer hurting.

I pulled myself together and headed to the Mall of New Hampshire. I figured some sad retail establishment might be hiring and I could snag a job for a month or so. No luck. Old Navy was the only place hiring. I then wandered around for a while longer, which was probably a bad idea. I walked into the pet store (puppies in tiny plastic boxes make me sad to begin with) and they had baby rats. I sat and stared at them long enough to start tearing up. I miss my babies! If you don't know, I have 2 rats named Poopy and Gir. James is taking good care of them, but I still miss them like crazy. I left the pet store to walk past the game store, which had a Coldplay video on in the window. That made me a bit more nostalgic and sad, so I kept walking. The next store had that Rob Thomas song "Little Wonders" playing. That song reminds me of Shana. I made a b-line for the exit then because I couldn't help but cry. It's so weird how little things like that can trigger a total emotional meltdown. Change is an interesting thing. I like having diversity, but I miss familiarity. Such a dichotomy *sigh*

I familiarized myself with Manchester by driving around for quite a while yesterday. It was actually quite nice out, in the 50s and sunny. Perfect driving weather.
I found the YP meeting. It was highly disappointing.
We went to Applebee's last night. I had never eaten there before. I have no desire to ever go back. haha!
Today I cleaned Jen's bathroom. Oh. My. God. Apparently the apartment wasn't clean when she moved in, and since she works quite a bit (and wasn't planning on staying in this apartment long) she never cleaned it. It took me 3 1/2 hours to scrub everything. At some point, the toilet tank began to leak (my mother said it's the "spud" that's leaking). It was filling up one of those red plastic party cups every 5 minutes. I had to stop cleaning to keep switching out the cups and dumping them down the toilet. So I called Jen and said there was a semi-emergency. She called her landlord who just said "my maintenance guy already left for the day. can't you just shut the water off?" Nice. I told her it wasn't the source pipe that was leaking, it was the actual tank and a plumber needed to be called. The landlord moaned some more and said she would have her guy come look at it in the morning. Jen asked where we were supposed to use the toilet if hers wasn't working and the landlord just said "just pour a bucket of water in the bowl, it will be fine." Total scumbag. When Jen got home from work, we figured out how to empty out the tank so it stopped leaking all over the floor and then she vowed to move out. Apparently the neighbors toilet recently stopped working and they called for a week - the landlord did nothing. The toilet finally leaked enough so that the ceiling in the apartment below was caving in and leaking and they had to replace the whole thing. fuckers.
If any of you own apartments - don't be lame asses like this landlord!

Don't really have plans for the evening. Jen has pole dancing class (I know, how funny). Her friend Kevin picked up an application for me for the venue he works at - box office is hiring. I think Brian is supposed to come and hang out with us later. That's about all from me!

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