Day 1

Anyone that considers themselves a Six Feet Under fan will appreciate my first little story. I left my mother's house at around 9:30pm. I was listening to a mix that I had made for an ex c0-worker. I had no idea what was on the cd.
A Jimmy Eat World song came on that I really enjoyed, so I played it twice. I was approaching the freeway on-ramp as the song was ending and I wondered what the next song was going to be - the song to officially start my road trip as I sped onto the freeway... Just as my tires literally hit the highway, Sia's "Breathe Me" started to play. If you watched the entire series, you know this is the song that ends the very last episode - it begins as Claire drives away and we see flash forwards of every person's life. So there is the first little sign of an interesting adventure ahead.

Anyhow... I arrived in Chicago where Kathleen and I met up with Amy and John at Club Foot. What a cool place! They had little toys all over the bar and on tops of walls and shelves. The music was great. We had a pretty low-key night. Kathleen and I ended up going to Continental at 3 just to see what was going on there. The DJ was crap and being that it is St Patty's Day weekend, people were sloppy drunk. Kathleen seems to attract the most obnoxious and ugly men. This screaming mountain man would not leave us alone - even after she asked him to lower his voice and stop spitting on her. lol

We made our trip to Ihop after Continental and got home around 5:15am. I put some earplugs in, eye mask on, and promptly fell asleep. I woke up at 1pm today feeling rested for the first time in weeks. Kathleen, Collin and I met up with Amy, John, Jay and Amy's sister for brunch. We decided to spend the rest of the day in pajamas watching tv. I'm going to spend the night here again and load the music onto my ipod. Tomorrow I will make a plan for my next stop.

PS I discovered that vests actually keep you warm - and they have no arms to rub on my sore elbow tattoo!


motocrashal said...

Don't forget...wherever you go there you are

jason said...

so how can we send you physical objects?
well done on the blog site too.