Day 5

Last night was AWFUL! I barely slept. I woke up warm, but the second I left my cozy nest, my fingers went numb. It's FREEZING here! Don't know what I was thinking going further north. doh. Guess I'm just stubborn - had my heart set on getting to places I've never been that I don't really care about things such as snow and cold. pft!

So I'm not to Niagara Falls yet. I'm actually about 10 miles outside of Buffalo. I'm sitting inside a rest stop and there is a girl behind me chewing very loudly with her mouth wide open. I would like to smack her... love and tolerance. love and tolerance. love and tolerance...

Weather.com was my friend last night. I left Akron because it had stopped snowing. There were very few cars on the road, and even semi-trucks were sparse. It was quite windy, which got a bit unnerving at times, but otherwise a smooth ride. I don't think I went over 60mph the entire night. I know it pissed a bunch of people off as they sped past me or honked from behind (it's called the slow lane for a reason, douchebag). I needed to conserve gas. I've been getting shit for gas mileage the last few days and wanted to milk the most out of what I had. It worked pleasantly - as I ended up with 35mpg instead of the previous tank's 28.

I am very much looking forward to getting a hotel room and taking a hot shower. LOST is on tonight, so it's necessary that I have a tv. haha!

A couple things last night made me laugh out loud - quite possibly because I'm slowly going mad by myself. However, I'll share them anyway:
There was a very large green sign that just stated "GAY ROAD" (I know. I'm totally juvenile for laughing at that, but it was funny.)
I passed a prison last night and there were signs posted on the road that stated "Correctional Facility Area. Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers"
And finally, as I mentioned I was driving quite slowly last night - for about 30 miles there was a car following me. I would almost say tailgating me, but not quite. I got tired of the headlights in my rear view mirror so I slowed down more to force the car to pass me. They immediately flew by at a much higher speed than they had been driving - it was a freaking DE LOREAN! After gaining about 500 yards on me, they put their flashers on and pulled off onto the shoulder. I then knew for sure that it was in fact the infamous vehicle because the passenger door lifted up as someone fell out (I'm assuming to be sick). Awesome.


Trina said...

I hate it when I'm going the speed limit (or slower, because of snow) in the right lane, and people get all pissy and tailgatey. Duh, go around. And that GAY ROAD sign cracked me up too. And a Delorian?! That's awesome! Sorry you're going crazy alone, go visit Ani in Buffalo. :)

Jacek & D said...

Wow MJ next to JC ! Sorry I'm a couple of days behind on your blogs. Glad to hear that you are doing alright. Say Hi to Ani for us while your hanging out in Buffalo.


P.S. are they called Buffalo wings because of the city or are the chickens just so deformed these days?