Day 7

I didn't do much driving today. The one thing about living out of one's car that sucks is that if one wants to relax, one has no place to go but one's car. meh.
I spent a stupid amount of time wandering around the mall again today - mostly because I've been feeling lonely and wanted to be around people. I have still been searching for a replacement hoodie as well... No luck. However, I found a $140 jacket marked down to $25 at Kohl's so I bought that. I am no longer coatless (and I have successfully chased away the yukky lonely feeling via retail therapy).

I just crossed over into Vermont. I've never been to Vermont and I literally cheered when I saw the sign! 1 down, 5 to go (states that I haven't been to). Anyhow, I had absolutely no plan for today, so I just drove north. I was looking at my atlas and saw that there was a place marked as "natural rock bridge and caves" in the Adirondack State Park. Sounded like as good of place as any, so I headed that way - only to find the area closed until late May. hmmm. I got some pretty pictures, though. My battery is running out on my laptop so I'll wait until I can plug it in to post those.

Obviously I didn't stay in Pottersville, NY - but I'm not done driving for the night, so I'm not going to update my map until the stop for the night.
Thanks for the comments. I love getting them. I realized that since I left Chicago on tuesday, I have not seen any person I know. I haven't made any new friends either - which is strange for me. I guess the universe really wants me to be alone for a bit. Weird. I've never gone this long without seeing a friend or family member. Even when I was living in London, I made friends immediately (not to mention I lived with other people)... Funny, the song that just came on is Third Eye Blind's "Motorcycle Drive By" -- lyrics are "I've never been so alone, and I've never been so alive." Perfect soundtrack moment. *pause to reflect*

I will write more when I stop again. I can't wait to post some of these pictures.
Oh yeah, I was going somewhere with the comments remark:
I love Bill Bryson. I've read all his stuff. I want to write books like he does!!!!
If you really want to send me something, shoot me an email and I'll give you the address of where I know I will be next (soon enough I will have human contact... this silly holiday busines, geez).
I have no idea why they call them Buffalo wings. I have never even eaten them.
LOST never fails to piss me off, although I love it dearly. WTF was that episode??? Let's give you all this backstory and then quick kill off two characters that you didn't see the whole hour because we're running out of time... pft!
I definitely don't have any room for hitchhikers in my car. Sometimes I wonder how I can fit in here...

*Special note*
ahem... I'm having an amazing adventure, but without your help and support this virtual travel experience will not be possible. Instead of reading about the Jesus car with loads of rainbow stickers on it (will post later), you will be reading about my boring job. Who wants to do that?? Not me! For the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you could put me on the road for another 35 miles!
(is that a better donations pitch, Jacek?)


motocrashal said...

your never alone...your just by yourself sometimes :)

Jacek & D said...

Yes Vega that was an awesome pitch.