This is going to be brief.

I'm not dead.
I've been extremely busy. I've been working my ass off and have been running around like a crazy person. Numerous other things factor into me not blogging for a while.
But I promised my friend Jason that I would blog within 24 hours of his text message. So I'm following through on my promise.

I went to see Eddie Izzard tonight at the Tampa Theatre. Finding a ticket is blogworthy in and of itself, so I will eventually fill you in on the details (it involves eBay and an incredibly kind stranger).

The show was amazing. My throat hurts because I was laughing so hard. However, once the show was over and we were walking back to my car, we were informed that the lot I was parked in had been towed. The entire lot. A scam. I paid electronically at a box with my credit card, but written in small letters behind the parking meter was a sign that said no parking after 8pm whether you paid for parking or not. The company that towed my car said it would cost $169 cash to release it. Cash. I don't have $169 in non-cash let alone those crisp little bills. fuck. So I don't have a car. Melanie gave me $10 to take a cab to work tomorrow. But once they have my car for 24 hours, they charge another $169. GRRRRRR...

I called the cops because this all seemed so wrong to me. They said they could send a squad to help me get the information I needed in order to take the company to court, but they could do nothing about my car. She said to get in writing who authorized the tow and whether the tow company had a contract with that person or not. She also told me to save all of the receipts once I retrieve my car so I have documentation for court. How infuriating.

Eddie Izzard was good, but he wasn't worth $169.

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