Okay. There are a number of things that I want to talk about. First off, yesterday Smurfette died. I was planning on buying a car in the afternoon, but did not expect to have to get towed to the lot. BOO! I was also depending on what little money I would get from selling Smurfette. I'm kinda in some financial trouble now. But Melanie is feeding me, so that's good.

I am avoiding writing my obituary for Smurfette, so instead I've been working on a video blog. Because I'm totally retarded, I haven't worked out how to edit it yet. So I may post it tonight. I may post it tomorrow. Either way, I will eventually have to post about Smurfette. I just don't feel like crying at the moment.

So the 'new' car is a 95 Honda Civic. It's got a shit load of miles on it, but hopefully it will withstand them. I've never actually purchased my own car. My dad has always loaned me the money and I pay him back rather than the dealer or a loan company (or my credit card like now). I'm really lucky to have a super rad cousin in the area that hooked me up with his brother-in-law who in turn super hooked me up with the car. Long story. But good. Except for the fact that the new car smells like a combination of ash tray and piss (with a flowery scent trying to cover it all up). I seriously want to puke when I open the door. I'm going to clean it out tomorrow and see what happens. I'll be jumping for joy once I get rid of that stench!

Alright, so that's that. Hopefully you will have a video to watch in a little while...

PS I just found my car on Craigslist: http://tampa.craigslist.org/car/697652777.html

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