Pittsburg Fans are Lame

Not half an hour after I posted my rant about not being paid in 6 weeks, my friend Kathy at work sent me a text informing me that the checks were there. What a freaking relief!
I rushed over to pick up my monies and was then informed that from now on, they will be holding our checks for 30 days - which means that this check is supposed to pay February's rent, March's rent, my phone bill, credit card, feed me, and fill my gas tank for a month. It was $975. Not happening. URGH. So you guys on Facebook really need to buy the rest of my stuff LOL!

I just think its more than inconvenient what's happening. I was using the money from my sale to fix my teeth (I have to come up with $2100 for a bridge before my top tooth grows completely out of the root). But now the money I have been saving up will go to filling my gas tank and putting food in my belly. It's like I'm never going to get caught up. I just don't want to lose any more teeth!

Speaking of teeth, I had this really crazy dream the other night. I won't go into too much detail, but the president was in it and my friend Tommy from Milwaukee. Obama was telling me that we had to recycle this poisoned water from Iraq and Tommy was having me move his vinyl collection to make room for the water we had to store. I looked into a mirror to find that all of my teeth had turned black. Sarah, Tommy's wife, came up behind me and said "Oh, your teeth are dead! That's one of the side effects of handling this poisoned water. The only way we can fix it is by giving you a shot of straight adrenaline into your spinal cord. That way it will change your entire chemical makeup." Because of the unknown side effects of the spinal injection, I decided I would rather let my teeth fall out. Sounds like my subconscious has a lot on its plate!

Anyway, that's about all that's going on here. I have money. It's Superbowl Sunday (and the Superbowl is happening just a couple miles from my house). I am staying inside and pretending there is nothing different about this day. If I go outside I may get attacked by the crazy Steelers fans. Funny story - I splurged Friday night by going to my favorite restaurant, Thai Terrace. The restaurant is only 2 blocks from Raymond James Stadium and there was a tent with Superbowl merch taking up half of the parking lot. So I had to park in the other side of the lot (which Thai Terrace shares with the Ho Jo) and as I pulled in, a group of guys were standing outside being obnoxious. I got out of the car and they were like "HEY! this spot's only for Steelers fans!!" I just shot them a dirty look, hoping they would pick up my telepathic message of "I live here, get out of my city" and walked over the restaurant. Apparently football fans think they have control over everything when their team is in the Superbowl. LAME!

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