Circuit City

I really haven't got much to say. I started back at work today. Fun times!

I was driving around after work trying to decide which grocery story to buy fruit from when I saw the big yellow sign on Circuit City that said "Store Closing." I remembered hearing that Circuit City was liquidating, but had no idea when that was taking place. I figured that would be a fun stop to make, and it was right next to Whole Foods - which is a good place to find fruit.

Besides the fact that most stuff is only 20% off at the moment (and I'm almost positive they inflated the prices before starting the sale), I still managed to spend nearly an hour and a half there. I thought about how I could buy myself a new DVD player if I had money (but why would I need it, since I'm selling all my DVDs?)... Then I thought about how I could get a new laptop if I had the money (because the TWO laptops I already have don't seem to be enough). Then I planted myself in front of the BOSE surround sound system (which was marked down from $499 to $399, and will not be going lower). But I would really need a TV, DVD and receiver to go with the awesome speakers. So I wandered off to the portable storage - and found a 1TB hard drive that was marked down to $235. I only paid $150 for mine. (This is why I'm convinced they inflated prices before starting markdowns.) The iPods were only 10% off, but most were already gone. There were tons of DVDs left still, but I couldn't find any titles I was willing to spend money on (at only 20%, $21.99 movies aren't that cheap).

After wandering every single isle daydreaming about the stuff I could have (that I don't really even want in reality) I finally settled on a cheap wireless mouse for my laptop and a package of Presentation Paper. Both are things I have been wanting for a while. Mostly because my touch pad drives me crazy. I ran out of Presentation Paper months ago and haven't been able to print any of my button-badges since. Overall, a successful trip. But god help me in an electronics store! I don't know what it is. I just get lost there. There's something ultimately calming for me to be near electronics and media, which I find ironic since they all require significant amounts of energy. Maybe I'm like this weird android that feels better around like-minded machines. But I guess that would mean I would feel the opposite in bookstores and libraries, which is not the case. Oh well. I just like "toys." I guess there's nothing wrong with that.

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Xantraun said...

Yeah, Liz & I stopped in one last night taking a break from the house for a bit to browse around and lucky enough, they had an iPod Touch that picked up internet and I was comparing prices...

Basically with their whopping 20% discount, you'll still be spending WAY more than you would buying anything online or if you could find the same at Sams or Walmart.

And holy ballsacks! I saw DVD's on their shelves -marked down- to $14.99 that have been on the $5 rack at Walmart for months. No wonder they're going under. Good riddance!

oh, btw, Myspace said your link was naughty and wouldn't forward to blogger. I'm betting they banned "blooger" from names of links because Myspace cries itself to bed every night that I can't be a interwhore monopoly. asshats