August 8th - Wrigley Field Road Tour Update

Hi everyone!
I'm sorry I haven't sent any training updates in a while. It's been pretty crazy trying to get in all the training time and study for finals. Thankfully tomorrow morning I will be done for the semester.

I have passed the 800 mile mark on my bike. I will definitely hit 1000 before the day of the ride - how exciting!
Our computrainer sessions kick my butt on a weekly basis, but I haven't missed one yet. We've got our longest group ride so far this coming Saturday - 75 miles (80 for me). We will be riding from Foster Beach to Waukegan and back. That's from my house up to Great America for those of you who know the area. Insanity!

I really appreciate all the donations I've received. I think I mentioned in my last email that I have met a number of fellow participants who are currently living with HIV and it makes what I'm doing even more meaningful to me. One of these friends is the most amazing person and a huge positive influence on my life. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to be able to help this person directly, and many more like them.

The reason I'm emailing is because we were sent a link for friends and family to be able to purchase tickets to the Cubs/Brewers game (finally). They are $65, but they include a Wrigley Field Road Tour t-shirt. Just copy and paste or click the link below:

Again, if you feel like passing on my personal fundraising page, I would be more than grateful. I'm still $255 away from my $2000 goal. If you need to give people a better reason for donating their hard-earned cash, just let them know that the state of Illinois cut $1.5 million in funding for the AIDS Foundation yet need for the organization continues to grow.

Thanks again for your support. So excited for the big day (only 19 days to go)!!!
Love & Light

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