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I know it's been too long since I've written. Trust me, I've been busy!
I have a stack of ideas for little blogs, but haven't had the time to actually write them.

I just got an email from my friend Jacek. The local volunteer radio station here has a Monday slot open (1am-4am yikes!) - WMNF is very similar to WMSE. I haven't actually listened to it at all because Charlie (my new car) doesn't have a radio antenna. However, I've heard Jacek's polka show is a hit!

This is the content of the email he sent me:
"WMNF has a programing opening for Monday night/Tuesday morning 1-4 am starting in August. This is an open format meaning any format or non-format will be considered, including proposals that push or experiment with the use of the radio medium. Applicant should have some experience preferably with WMNF. Demo show necessary if I am not familiar with your programing.

"These are difficult hours for most people so do not apply if you cannot deal with being up in the middle of the night. Good things about the time are that the format is wide open: it's a three hour show (the longest show on WMNF) ; no expectations for newscasts or other distruptions; there are small fundraising expectations. It's an opportunity to create the show you envision without a lot of pressure.

"If you wish to apply, convince me with why you are the best person to do it, what would you do, who would listen. Written statement of interest required. Deadline: 5pm Monday 7/28/08."
Check out WMNF's website HERE

So, good readers, I ask you - do you have any format suggestions??
Of course I want to play buzzworthy bands and new indie rock (mostly from the UK). But 3 hours is a long time. What would you fill the airwaves with? Let me know!

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