For My Dad (and D&M)

My dad commented on my last blog that I have been sporadic in my postings since starting my job. True. I really do have a list in my notebook of blog topics that I have to write if I ever have the time. I should be getting to bed right now, but I thought I would try to give the guys at D&M something to read first. Don't worry, I have taken more freelance work over the next few months so I can step away from the record store. I really want to get out of retail. I'm so tired of it! The freelance work pays enough that I will only have to work (x) amount of days a month - which leaves the rest of the time to focus on my writing (since I've got all my material in a box for my book - but no words on paper).

Anyhow... I have always been curious about the armadillo. Yes, I said armadillo. I've never seen one before. I had always assumed I would have seen one on my travels, but that's not the case. Anyway, I was driving back from Orlando a couple weeks ago and I was on the phone with Shana. Out of nowhere, an armadillo crawled onto the road. I shouted "ARMADILLO!!!" in the middle of my sentence. I looked into the rear view mirror to verify it was the strange armored creature, and just as I was telling Shana I had never seen an armadillo before, the car behind me ran it over! So the poor little thing was roadkill. I've never been so excited and so disappointed in the same breath before. Oh well. Hopefully I'll see more of them in this bizarre state. I'm still waiting on seeing a live gator. I've been told that's not something I should hope to see, though. Meh.

On a lighter note, there is apparently something called an 'armadildo.' I would post a picture, but I'll save the fun for your imagination. Until next time...

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